Milos: The not so talked about Greek island

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Milos, is the not so talked about Greek island that we immediately fell in love with back in 2014. Our first visit to the island was completely unplanned. Like most people looking to explore the Greek islands, we had Santorini and Mykonos in our sights.

It was not until we got a phone call from Anastasia’s uncle, Teo that we even knew Milos existed. Theo had been going to Milos almost every year for his summer holidays and suggested we come and visit him.

What was meant to be a 3-day stay to say hello to a cousin; turned into a 3-week island adventure.

Milos from above

Milos through our eyes

Now, I could go into the history of the island and tell you all the facts & figures, but that is why we have Google!

What I think is more useful and of real interest is my opinion on the best beaches, the places to eat and where to stay.


You do not create a men's swimwear label if you are not obsessed with the beach. I have spent almost my entire life besides the beach and in the last few years Anastasia and I have been lucky enough to visit some of the most spectacular beaches, bays and coves in the world.

With roughly 80 individual beaches/coves on the island, I can assure you that there is a beach for all preferences. Our top 5 in no particular order are:


Located on the southern side of the island, which means that it is almost always protected from the familiar north blowing Milos breeze. This is your quintessential long sandy beach, with calm crystal clear water as far as the eye can see.

If you visit Milos then you must take your Nicolas Alexander beach shorts


The most spectacular & popular on the island. Sarakinikio is famous for its smooth white volcanic rocks, which form a long & narrow inlet with a tiny beach at the end. The best descriptive I can think of is that it is like walking on the moon. 

Sarikiniko is an adventurer’s paradise, with undulations and steep accents to master, secret pirate coves cut into the bright white rock to explore and a few hair raising cliff jumping spots to test your nerve!

I want to wear my Nomad swim sorts in the Ibiza print at Sarakiniko


The picturesque village of Firopotamos is a tiny fishing port and boasts one of the best beaches on the island. Firopotamas beach is not very big, but the water is the clearest I think I have ever seen.   

To the right of the beach you have these amazing little beach side houses that literally sit on the beach and they all have what's known as a Syrmata, which is essentially a small waterfront garage. 

There is even a little beach shack serving ice cold drinks and snacks. 

The water at Firopotamas beach is crystal clear


Definitely a beach that you will remember, if not for the crystal clear water, then most likely for the method used to get there. As you approach Tsigrado the first thing you see is the bright sun bouncing off the Aegean sea down below.

The second thing you will likely notice is that there is no apparent way to get down. Upon closer inspection, you will quickly be confronted with a rather daunting descent down through a steep narrow passage dug into the rock, supported by a rope. 

It is at this point that you must choose to ignore the big sign warning you of the risk and pluck up the courage to almost abseil your way down. With the aid of the rope and a rather unconvincing wooden ladder for the last few meters, you will soon find yourself touching down on the white soft sand of Tsigrado.

I want to wear my Nicolas Alexander swimwear at Tsigrado beach


The only one on our list that requires you to get on a boat, but trust me when I say that it is worth it. Kleftiko is a group of peculiar sea rock formations with a maze of caves. 

It can be found on the south west coast of the island and provides a brilliant day out. The trips usually involve swimming around the rock formations, visiting the caves via a small inflatable dinghy and enjoying some lunch, whilst anchored up between the rocks. 

Nearly all of the boat trips start out from Adamas port and there are many different boats/organisers to choose from. You can typically choose trips that last from a few hours, to an entire day.

You will need a pair of Nomad swim trunks when you visit Kleftiko

Where to Eat


A favourite of ours for a long lunch, Medusa is a little taverna located in the small fishing village of Mandrakia. Overlooking the water and located next to the village church, Medusa is an absolute delight. 

Everything on the menu is delicious, but our standouts include the grilled sardines & octopus, cheese filled peppers, pitarakia (mini cheese pies), zucchini fries and the beautiful salads.

Family run as all the good ones are, Medusa seems to be run by “Grandma” who oversees everything within the tiny kitchen with an iron fist!

Gentleman's Navy Nomad swim short and a white linen shirt and you are ready for lunch at Medusa

Photo by Matt Hranek


Within Pollonia there are many restaurants to choose from, but in our opinion, Gialos is one of the best. An authentic and honest Greek taverna on the waterfront that offers an inviting menu, a great selection of Greek wines and a front row view of Pollonia harbour.

Gialos is a brilliant and authentic Greek taverna

Paleos Pastry

If you have a sweet tooth then I recommend you pay Paleos Pastry a visit at least once. Located in Plaka and seemingly open 24/7. Paleos has a big variety of extremely delicious pastries, cakes and biscuits to choose from as well as a number of savoury options for lunch.

Where to Stay

Skinopi Lodge

A breathtaking hideaway set in a location of unparalleled natural beauty, Skinopi Lodge offers complete privacy and tranquility. Built on a slope right above the Aegean sea, you are spoilt with a sweeping and un-spoilt view, which makes it the perfect spot to watch the sunset.   

Inspired by the traditional fisherman houses of the island, the Lodge is made of local stone and each of the three villas offer an elegant and calming environment that blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Skinopi Lodge is part of it's surrounding landscape    


The creation of hugely popular Greek Singer; Giorgos Alkaios Vassileiou. Salt offers ten private luxury suites, which are widely recognised as masterpieces of the island. Located in Pollonia and only a few steps from the enticing Aegean sea, Salt is one of those resorts where you are spoilt from the moment you arrive.

The Gaudi printed swim trunk pops against the white oasis that is Salt

Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa

Luxury in every sense of the word, the Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa is a romantic and enchanting waterfront paradise. With eight sophisticated and seductive sea view suites and rooms, it is the ultimate luxury boutique resort. 

The Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa also boasts an on-site restaurant serving the very best produce the island has to offer, a stunning waterfront pool and terrace bar as well as a revilatising spa & well-being center.

The Mexican print will see you turning heads on the terrace at Melian Boutique Hotel

General Information & Advice 

  1. You can fly direct from Athens (30 minutes give or take) or catch the ferry from Piraeus (4-7 hours depending on which type of ferry).
  2. Milos is a 1.5hr ferry ride from Santorini, which makes it perfect to visit either before or after if you have already locked in a trip to Santorini.
  3. I would strongly recommend hiring a car to get the most out of the island. Plenty of car rentals on the island to choose from.
  4. Adamas and Pollonia are the two main towns on the island and where you will find most accommodation. No real big hotels on the island, mostly all boutique type resorts, private villa rentals and airbnb.
  5. Take at least 2 pairs of Nicolas Alexander swim shorts. You are going to need them!

Time to wrap this up

Well there you have it. I could go on and on about this unbelievable island, but I think it is good to leave a little mystery and let you go and explore & discover for yourself exactly what makes this island so special. 

Oh, one last thing, did I mention it was where Anastasia and I got married?

The creators of Nicolas Alexander

If my little briefing on Milos convinces you to go check it out yourself, then please do let us know.  

And if you take your Nicolas Alexander swim trunks with you, take a photo and tag us @nicolasalexanderswimwear and/or #tailoredforthesun and we can share it across our social media accounts. 

It would be amazing to see you wearing the shorts on the island that has played such a big role in our lives already!

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