The World's Most Beautiful Places To Swim

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I have spent the majority of my life living by the water. Truth be told, I was swimming before I could walk! For me, there is nothing more soothing and comforting than immersing yourself in a body of refreshing crystal-clear water.

Anastasia and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some of the most stunning waters in the world and we are always on the lookout for the next beautiful place to enjoy our favourite 'thing to do'. 

This being said, I thought I would put together a list of some of the most beautiful places in the world to go for a swim. 

Cape Greco, Cyprus

Hugged by the Cape Greco National Forest Park, this headland boasts an array of mesmerising beaches, sea caves and coves just waiting to be enjoyed. After spending all day in the water and turning into a prune, back on land there are a number of walking trails throughout the forest to enjoy. 

One of which feeds you out onto the cliff's edge where you will find a modern Greek church, the Agioi Anargyroi Chapel, which overlooks the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Take your Nomad swim trunks to Cape Greco in Cyprus

Radhanagar Beach, India

Nestled away on the archipelago of the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal, is Havelock Island, a stunning paradise usually reserved for your dreams. The two-kilometre long Radhanagar Beach is the jewel of this island, with pure white sand, ridiculously clear waters and jungle-like canopies hovering overs its edges.   

Don't forget to pack your snorkel when you visit, as the water is bursting with aquatic life.

Radhanagar Beach in India

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

"Rotto" as the locals like to call it is located 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth in Western Australia. With over 60 postcard-perfect beaches and bays, this island is a beach lovers paradise. 

Nicolas Alexander loves Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Photo by Christian Fletcher 

The island is a car-free-zone and can be explored by bike and make sure you keep an eye out for the always smiling quokkas that call the island home!

The ever smiling Quokka

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

An arrow-shaped peninsula that points straight out towards the Adriatic Sea, this unique cape is found on the southern side of Brac Island, one of the larger atolls in the coast of Croatia.

During the warmer months, this magical spot attracts a lot of visitors who come to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Zlatni Rat Beach Croatia

Fun Fact - this beautiful island hosts over half a million trees bearing the rare buhavica olive variety.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Copacabana, the beautiful people of Ipanema - Brazil is famous for its beach life but the island of Fernando de Noronha is a locals secret. Protected by its UNESCO World Heritage status, this wonderful creation is all lush green forests, immaculate white sand and pristine aqua waters.

The stupidly stunning Baia do Sancho offers the ultimate snorkelling spot where you can frolick with families of spinner dolphins, turtles and hundreds of species of fish. 

Fernando de Noronha

Crater Lake, Oregon, United States

A caldera lake, formed by volcanic magma over 7000 years ago. If you find yourself lucky enough to be swimming in the waters of Cleetwood Cove, you will be swimming in some of the purest waters in the world.

Due to the very cool temperatures, this natural wonder can only be enjoyed between mid-June to mid-September each year. 

Cleetwood Cove Crater Lake

St Peter's Pool, Malta

Malta is famous for having some of the most gorgeous beaches in Europe, but if you want to escape the tourists, then you have to check out St Peter's Pool near Marsaxlokk. 

Popular with the locals, this natural swimming pool set in a sheltered bay offers the ultimate swimming spot with aqua blue waters like never seen before. There are ladders to descend into the pool, but it's way more fun throwing yourself off the rocky edge into the crystal cool depths below!

St Peter's Pool Malta

The Exumas, Bahamas

A little over 365 islands, also referred to as cays, make up the wonderful Exhuma region. With this many islands on offer, it is not that difficult to discover your very own deserted islet to explore.

The Exhumas Bahamas

But if you do enjoy a bit of company, you can always head to Pig Beach and take a dip with the friendly locals!

Swim with the locals at Pig Beach

Honokalani Beach, Wai'anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

With its jet-black shore, lapis lazuli waters and dense, jungle-like forest, Honokalani Beach is one of those places that needs to be seen to be believed. Besides lying on the "sand" - actually made up of tiny lava pebbles (cool right!), there's so much to do.

If you can drag yourself away from laying in the sun, you will find seaside lava tubes and sea caves carved into the lava cliffs along the shore. This place is wild, unspoiled Hawaii at its absolute best!

Honokalani Beach Hawaii

Firopotamos, Milos, Greece

If you are familiar with our story, then you will not be surprised by this pick! One of our favourite places in the entire world, if I could only choose one beach to spend the entire summer, it would be here.

Definitely, one of the most charming beaches on the island of Milos, the transparent waters of Firopotamos is surrounded by colourful fisherman's houses with syrmata (boat garages) on the ground floor.

A stone's throw away you will find a spectacular little Greek tavern called Medusa that looks out over the bay and serves some of the best and freshest food you will find on the island.

Nicolas Alexander loves Firopotamos

Just writing this has me dreaming of our next visit.....

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