Trending "Left-Field" Destinations Worth Visiting in 2019

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In recent years, Anastasia and I have been lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Think, Rome, Florence, Puglia, Tuscany, Sicily, Paris, Nice, Monaco, St Tropez, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza, Geneva, Zurich, Athens and many a Greek island, Amsterdam, Porto, Lisbon, London etc.

This year has seen us start to discuss the idea of exploring a few more unique and potentially less spoken about destinations and so with that being said here are a few "left-field" trending travel spots guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of travellers in 2019.

Ouarzazate, Morocco 

Anyone that has been to Morocco will agree that some of the most beautiful places are found outside of Marrakech and Ouarzazate is a prime example.

This magical city, which is located just four hours from Marrakesh is considered the door to the Sahara Desert and is known for its spectacular sunsets and dramatic mountain and desert scenery.

Nicolas Alexander thinks Ouarzazate will be big news in 2019

Image from Along Dusty Roads

Fun Fact - Ouarzazate has a long established relationship with cinema; so much so, it’s been nicknamed “Ouallywood.” Lawrence of Arabia, The Jewel of the Nile, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heavens and the pilot of the Game of Thrones series are all films that have helped make famous Ouarzazate. 

Things To Do In Ouarzazate

Image from Along Dusty Roads

For a trip guaranteed to finish with a seriously impressive camera roll, Ouarzazate should be next on your list. 

Ksamil, Abania

Considered to be the country's answers to Italy's Puglia, Ksamil is a small village located in southern Albania. With white sandy beaches, turquoise water and beautiful fresh seafood, Ksamil offers up the perfect summer getaway. 

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This piece of paradise situated along the Albanian Riviera offers a pleasant climate all year round and is definitely starting to see a resurgence amongst eagle-eyed travellers looking for that next undiscovered piece of paradise. 

If you can manage to drag yourself away from the beach, we recommend you visit the ancient city, Butrint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the natural phenomenon, known as Blue Eye, which is a crystal clear refreshing 10 degrees spring that no one knows where it starts or how deep it is!

Nicolas Alexander loves learning about other countries history and culture

Bacalar, Mexico 

Commonly referred to as the 'Maldives of Mexico', Bacalar is hidden away in the South of Mexico and is ideal for those wanting to skip Cancun’s crowds or escape the bustle of Mexico City. 

Bacalar is a relatively small town (the last census reported less than 12,000 people) and became one of Mexico's pueblo magicos (officially designated as a Magical Town by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism) in 2006. 

Nicolas Alexander recommends visiting Bacalar in 2019

Image from Feather & The Wind

A veritable paradise, this coastal city provides all the cultural fixes you could want (world-class food, ancient sites) combined with all the untouched beauty of a tourist spot not yet overrun with, well, tourists.

Without a doubt, the main attraction has to be its infamous Lagoon of 7 Colours, where the crystal clear waters and white sandy bottom of the lake cause the water to blur into varying shades of turquoise, blue, and deep indigo throughout the day.

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Nusa Penida, Indonesia

If you thought Bali is the most fascinating & trending place to visit, then, you might be wrong. Located off the southeast coast of the tourist hotspot, Nusa Penida boasts all the same natural beauty, but without the crowds.

This hidden treasure is extraordinarily beautiful and offers unique experiences that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. From stunning beaches and dramatic cliffs to springs and waterfalls, Nusa Penida offers a world of endless adventure.

Looking to take your Nicolas Alexander swim shorts somewhere special? Then Nusa Penida is the place to go

The weather here is good all year round, however, the best time to visit the island is from May to September as the weather is dry and bearable.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a place where T E Lwarence of Arabia spent a significant amount of time during the Arab Revolt during World War One. 

Its Mars-like landscape is covered with red sand and its towering mountains reach up to 1750m, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Moon.

Wadi Rum has an incredible moon-like landscape

Located in the desert in the south of the country, Wadi Rum has become a popular eco-adventure destination, perfect for an exhilarating day trip or if you want to stay a little longer, why not camp overnight in a luxury bubble-domed tent and watch the stars from the comfort of your own bed!

Nicolas Alexander loves these bubble-domed tents in Wadi Rum

Palomino, Colombia

When you think of Colombia, you probably think Medellin of maybe the Netflix show Narcos, but for those looking for a beachside escape, Palomino is your go-to! 

Don't forget to pack your Nicolas Alexander beach shorts when you holiday in Palomino

Located in the southern part of La Guajira. Palomino is situated next to Santa Marta’s Sierra Nevada. A beautiful place where the Palomino River meets the Caribbean Sea, here you will find a mixture of cultures.

With the famous thick jungle to one side and jewel-toned crystal clear beaches to the other, the seaside city is brimming with picturesque landscapes. Add in a few boutique hotels and you’ve got yourself what we like to call, paradise. 

Kigali, Rwanda

Ok, so maybe Rwanda is not top of the bucket list for everybody but those willing to pay a premium for a safe, comfortable, clean and memorable African experience will be pleasantly surprised by what this incredible country has to offer.

The stunning horizon of Kigali, Rwanda

Unlike other chaotic and polluted capitals in East Africa, such as Kenya and Tanzania, Kigali is a green oasis of order and cleanliness. This is thanks largely to the Governments "Clean Rwanda Initiative", which has seen the country been plastic bag free since 2008. 

Rwanda is commonly referred to as the "Land of a Thousand Hills" and with its endless mountains, rolling hills and stunning green and lush scenery, it is easy to see why.

Rwanda is referred to as the land of a thousand hills

Kigali is fast becoming a hub for adventurers with the prospect of laying eyes on the impressive Mountain gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park is the biggest drawcard. 

Moutain Gorillas can be found in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Despite its tragic past, today’s Rwanda offers a promising outlook on the future. The economy is booming (mostly thanks to tourism) and given the ongoing development of new hotels, activities, and attractions across the country, there are more and more reasons to visit the land of a thousand hills with every passing day.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The silk road city of Samarkand is located in the south-east corner of Uzbekistan in Central Asia and has long lured travellers and conquerors in search of wealth and the exotic.

The mysterious and beautiful Samarkand in Uzbekistan

It is one of the most ancient cities, having served as one of the key trading centres along the Great Silk Road between China and the Mediterranean.

The city boasts of history and culture and as you walk the streets, through bazaars and past colourful turquoise tiled architecture, you can’t help but feel the city’s richness and allure. 

Nicolas Alexander thinks Samarkand would be full of inspiration for future swim short designs


The list of historical characters who’ve passed through this city just adds to its legend. Alexander the Great conquered Samarkand, as did the Persians, Genghis Khan, Imperial Russia and the Soviets. 

With such astounding architectural brilliance, it’s no wonder that Samarkand still holds near-mythical status for many modern-day travellers and is now considered Central Asia's official coolest new spot.


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