Our Founders

Designed and co-founded by husband and wife team, Nick and Anastasia in 2017, Nicolas Alexander represents their mutual love for the beach, travelling, distinctive design and sense of adventure.

Nick and Anastasia are the founders of Nicolas Alexander

With a tailor for a father, Anastasia was destined to be blessed with an undeniable ability to create. Upon completing her studies in Fashion Design, Anastasia joined a boutique label in Melbourne and it was here that the desire to one-day have her own label really kicked in.

Like most Australian’s, Nick has grown up with the beach being a focal point of his life. He poetically describes it as his
one true special place.

Together, they form a powerful force with Anastasia taking the lead when it comes to working closely with their manufacturers and ensuring that product design through to production is successful. Nick’s background in sales, marketing and business development, allows him to proactively manage other facets of the business, such as marketing and branding, web development and brand/partner relationships.