Our Story

Stunning photo of Portinho da Arrabida beach. The perfect place to try out your Nicolas Alexander men's swimwear
They say nothing good in life comes easy. 
It was the beginning of 2016 when Anastasia and I decided to see just how true that was.
The previous few years had seen us going through the motions of a fairly predictable 9-5 lifestyle in Sydney, Australia. During the summer months, we would spend almost every weekend at one of Sydney’s many beautiful beaches. Going to the beach is our “thing”; it is where we are at our happiest. Those weekends at the beach is where we discussed our hopes for the future, with the main one being to start our very own men’s swimwear label.
Anastasia studied design at University and always wanted to one day have her own label and as for me, well I knew that we would be a perfect team, loved the idea and was sick of playing it safe all the time.
Fast-forward 6 months and there we were, about to board a plane bound for Europe with a one-way ticket and a mixture of emotions. The one thing we held onto was the mutual belief that your best efforts are influenced by your passions in life.
Campaign shot of the Stripe swim short from the Modern Nomad SS18 Collection
Authenticity, quality, ambition and individuality are the foundations for which Nicolas Alexander stands upon.
The goal was and still is a relatively simple one - to create the very best men's swim shorts possible.
Was it easy - no, were there doubts - plenty, did we make mistakes - yes, did we learn from them - not always, was it worth it - without a doubt!
Our swim shorts are a reflection of the incredible adventure we have been on together and the result is a fresh and unique approach to men's swimwear.
Image of the Ibiza print from Modern Nomad SS18 campaign shoot
I was once told that it does not matter what you create in life, it is how you get there, that defines you.
If Nicolas Alexander can be defined as a testament to what can be achieved when you are willing to take a few risks, believe in yourself and work exceptionally hard, then we will take that. 
Nicolas Alexander is for the authentic, ambitious and adventurous. It is for the ones that refuse to just blend in, instead choosing to embrace an individualised & distinctive style.
It is for the gentleman who recognises the highest level of quality and who is brave enough to write his own story.
Nomad short in Gaudi print perfectly paired with navy polo shirt and panama hat
This simple yet powerful word is directed to every single family, relative, friend and acquaintance that has played a part in helping us get to this point. 
Your love, encouragement, support and assistance will never be forgotten and we look forward to continuing and sharing this journey with all of you.
Nick and Anastasia Schwizer are the creators of Nicolas Alexander